Finding the right message and communicating it perfectly in your own language is hard enough. But doing so in a foreign language is nearly impossible, at least if you want a text that sounds fluent and natural. This is where I come in. As a native English speaker, I can help you cross borders and communicate your message to the world.

What type of translation do you need?

When you order a translation, it’s important that you give me a good understanding of how the translated text will be used. The following list of translation services will help you determine which approach best suits your specific needs:

  Basic translation   – Translation of manuscripts into English. This solution is meant for texts that will only be used internally for purposes of information and correspondence – it’s your “we just need to get a basic understanding of what it says” kind of text. This is also the right choice if you have the resources to conduct your own quality assurance.

  Translation   – Translation of your manuscripts into English, including external quality assurance by another language professional. The result is an English version of your text that is ready for publication. This is the best solution for most standard text types, including reports, presentations, correspondence etc. For marketing, advertising and sales material, please see Transcreation below.

  Transcreation   – This method combines translation with copywriting and is especially suitable for any form of market communication. The aim is to re-create your message based on cultural adaptation to the target group and market. Typical manuscripts in this category are websites, apps, brochures, advertising in all types of media, newsletters, press releases and many more.

  Book translation   – My expertise in book translation range from non-fiction texts, including corporate histories and management theories, to literary texts like poetry, novels and children’s books. Find out more on the Literary Services page.

Other language combinations

If you need translations in other language combinations besides Danish and English, please let me know. I collaborate with a network of highly professional translators and copywriters located in Denmark and abroad – and I would be happy to manage your project for you.

I take pride in creating high-quality translations tailored to your needs. For a price quote at no obligation, drop me a line using the contact form, or call +45 6160 0644.