Lloyd Language Services has experience with translating and editing in a variety of literary genres, from fiction and poetry to corporate histories and management philosophy. I can also prepare your manuscript for electronic publication and even launch it on the most common e-book platforms.

  Book translation   – I have the deepest respect for the hard work that goes into writing a book. In the translation process, I work closely with the author to find the right voice and style as well as providing guidance on any aspects in the genre, target culture and market that need to be considered. With my experience and expertise, I can streamline the process so it doesn’t take forever.

  Book editing   – Is your book written in English? Submit your manuscript for basic proofreading and editing (see under Language Services) or for more comprehensive editing that considers, among other things, the structure and style of the work as a whole in relation to the aim of the book, target audience and aspects pertaining to genre and culture.

  E-books   – The fastest and easiest way to reach your target audience is to publish in e-book format. And with the right pricing and marketing techniques, you can reach beyond your target audience, boosting recognizability and sales. I can prepare your manuscript and help you publish it yourself – and you get to keep your copyrights! This means guaranteed publication, no hassle with standard publishing houses and higher royalties for you.

Let’s talk about your book project and find out how I can help. Just drop me a line using the contact form, or call +45 6160 0644.