Gerhard Adrian, Marketing Consultant

“I’ve worked with Jenifer Lloyd on several projects in marketing and advertising. Her transcreation skills are excellent. Jenifer knows how to edit/rewrite a text and give it that vivid touch that makes it interesting to read – and thus compelling. She masters a multitude of subjects, pays great attention to detail and always delivers on time. I look forward to continuing our collaboration with new multilingual projects.”

Gerhard Adrian, Communication Consultant, Interkommunikation

Lars Bo Appel, Creative Director

“Jenifer is a very special asset for nudeOrange. All understanding must ultimately be transmitted via language, so translation is more than just a last-minute hygienic factor. It is a way to ensure the effectiveness of the message. And this is where Jenifer makes a vital contribution through her vast linguistic and conceptual understanding. A translation exercise at Lloyd Language Services therefore often ends up strengthening the original message as well.”

Lars Bo Appel, Creative Director, nudeOrange

Birgitte Forné, Management Consultant

“I have worked with Jenifer for almost ten years and consider her a very competent and professional translator – thorough, precise and always delivers on time. She is also very versatile, with the ability to perform translation, revision and editing work, and equally comfortable working in UK, US and International English. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of English language services.”

Birgitte Forné, Owner, Management Consultant at Forné Salg & Vækst