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We'll help you say it right

Lloyd Language Services provides the entire range of language services from translation and editing to copywriting. We don’t just translate words, we communicate your message to the world.

A few words from our satisfied customers ...

“Lloyd Language Services are the epitome of professional and carefully prepared translations. They are extremely thorough, are well-informed on the topics and have fast delivery. They are my undisputed first choice for translations of all types.”
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Jannie Tindbæk Christiansen, Content Specialist, Holmris B8
“From the first call, Jenifer Lloyd was very accommodating and helpful which was great, as I at the time was faced with a tight deadline. I continue to work with Lloyd Language Services as they deliver high quality translations. I appreciate their translators’ dedication to their work and how they immerse themselves in the content, which in return provides me with the best content and translations for our customers no matter the language.”
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Sara-Clare Pehrson, Marketing Director, Pipol
“DAC has worked with Lloyd Language Services for several years. They translate, adjust and edit texts for our exhibitions and for a wide range of marketing and communication material. LLS always deliver high quality, even with short deadlines. We are very satisfied.”
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Kristoffer Soelberg, Marketing Operations Manager, Danish Architecture Center
“Jenifer is a very special asset for ProductSpirit. All understanding must ultimately be transmitted via language, so translation is more than just a last-minute hygienic factor. It is a way to ensure the effectiveness of the message. And this is where Jenifer makes a vital contribution through her strong linguistic and conceptual understanding. A translation exercise at Lloyd Language Services therefore often ends up strengthening the original message as well.”
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Lars Bo Appel, CDO & Founder, ProductSpirit
“We never deliver anything without running it past Jenifer. So we’re always 100% confident that the work we deliver is well written and error free. Our international clients – like GN ReSound and Tiger Stores – appreciate that. And so do we.”
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Robyn Pihl, Copywriter, Strategist & Partner, Clarity CPH
“We have worked with Lloyd Language Services for many years, now, and our collaboration has become quite extensive, including translation, editing, copywriting and research. They always deliver a high-quality product and excellent service.”
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Anders Sølgaard, Healthcare Consultant & Founder, Gesundheit
“Jenifer at Lloyd Language Services is one of the best native English-speaking translators I have ever met, and I wouldn’t hesitate a minute to hire her again.”
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Thomas Westh, Creative Copywriter & Owner, Word Up
“I have used Lloyd Language Services for both websites and print media. The services are always first class, deadlines are met every time and the process – like the prices – is always clear. Finally, I always appreciate being able to submit my finished copy for one final round of proofing.”
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Trond Poulsen, Strategy Consultant, Orange Elevator

Our Network of Partners


Founder, CEO. English (native), Danish, Norwegian, Swedish. Specialist in creative ...
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Danish (native), English, German. Specialist in marketing and ...
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German (native), English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian. Specialist in creative text production ...
Vivian – Lloyd Language Services


Senior Language Consultant. English (native), Danish, German. Enthusiastic networker ...
Lloyd Language Services – TRANSLATION


Do you need to communicate your message in a foreign language? As native-language experts, we create texts in your target language that sound fluent and professional. We don’t just translate your words, we communicate your message to the world.


Know what you want to say, but not sure how to go about it? We’ll work closely with you to develop a text based on your brief that caters to your specific target group, creating results and generating sales. Help us understand your message, and we can help you say it right.

Lloyd Language Services – COPYWRITING
Lloyd Language Services – EDITING


Do you need your manuscripts – written in English or other languages – checked professionally by a native speaker? We offer a range of helpful editing and proofreading services that will make your text ready for publication.

Jenifer Lloyd, Founder

Lloyd Language Services is a different kind of agency – network-based and 100% machine translation free. We use technology to improve the quality of our services, our texts and our lives. Bringing humanity back to language services. Personal service, human language production and humane working conditions for suppliers.

We want to work with only the best and most talented linguists. All of our partner linguists have at least five years’ experience and are experts in their field – be it transcreation for advertising, legal translation of business documents or copywriting that hits home in your target group. We offer our network of senior translators, copywriters and editors at rates based on their qualifications and skill.

This enables us to select the right profiles for your project. And it gives you texts of the highest caliber – texts created by people, not machines.


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