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Lloyd Language Services – EDITING


Do you need your texts – written in English or other languages – checked professionally by a native speaker? Editing and proofreading give your message that final touch, making it perfect.

We offer a range of helpful editing services to suit your specific needs:

  Proofreading  Submit your text for proofreading before final publication and have it checked for spelling and grammar, punctuation and general issues of terminology and style.

  Editing   – Submit your unfinished or ‘raw’ text for editing and have it checked for terminology, style, tone of voice, structure and suitability. Includes final proofreading after layout or external quality assurance according to agreement.

  Book editing   – Is your book written in English or another language? Submit your manuscript for basic proofreading and editing as described above or for more comprehensive editing.

For a price quote at no obligation, drop us a line at contact@lloyd-ls.com or call +45 6160 0644.