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Lloyd Language Services – Partner Network

Jenifer Lloyd, Founder

I have a passion for the written word and love to help people work creatively with language. I studied literature, linguistics and translation in both the US and Denmark, culminating in an MA in English Literature and Translation Studies from the University of Copenhagen. This gives me a solid foundation for working with marketing, sales and communication texts. And to keep my creative juices flowing, I do some literary translation, too.

When I founded Lloyd Language Services in 2010, after nearly ten years working in-house for translation agencies, I wanted to bring humanity back to language services. Personal service, human language production and humane working conditions for freelance suppliers. That’s what we do at Lloyd Language Services!

Jenifer Lloyd – Owner, Lloyd Language Services
Vivian – Lloyd Language Services


Senior Language Consultant. English (native), Danish, German. Has lived in Copenhagen since 1987; generalist, enthusiastic networker.
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Danish (native), English, German. Lives in Copenhagen; specialist in automotive and marketing.
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French (native), English, Danish, Norwegian. Has lived in Denmark since 1993; generalist with a passion.
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Danish (native), English, Swedish, Norwegian. Lives in Copenhagen; specialist in marketing, IT and tourism.
Heidi – Lloyd Language Services


Dutch (native), Danish, Norwegian, English. Has lived in Denmark since 2007; generalist with a knack for law.
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German (native), English, Danish, Swedish. Lived in Copenhagen for many years, now lives in Berlin; specialist in creative text production.